Keystone XL Pipeline Rally – Albuquerque

There’s no simpler way to create thousands of high paying American jobs in the immediate future than approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Of course, the far-left radical “environmentalists” who seem to be more anti-modern society than anything else continue to fight against it.

So, while the pipeline would not go through New Mexico, every little bit of support that can be generated for the project helps. To that end, the Canadian Consul General is visiting Albuquerque in a few weeks to help build support for the pipeline and that includes a public rally on behalf of the project that you are invited to. The event is co-sponsored by Rio Grande Foundation, but a union representative will be speaking at the rally once again proving that the Rio Grande Foundation is not inherently “anti-union.” See the flier below:

Keystone XL Pipeline Rally Invitation

Event Parking Map

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