KOB 4 Interviews RGF president Gessing on Taxation of Grocery Delivery

The Rio Grande Foundation recently called attention to some quirks in New Mexico’s gross receipts tax law with regard to grocery taxation. This drew the attention of KOB TV reporter Patrick Hayes.

Hayes not only put together the story below but in his work he confirmed that the Lujan Grisham Administration very recently applied to the federal government for a waiver that would make delivered groceries non-taxable.

Whether you think groceries should be taxed or not, the tax should be applied fairly and simply. With more New Mexicans than ever getting groceries delivered, we wanted to make sure people are not caught off guard.

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2 Replies to “KOB 4 Interviews RGF president Gessing on Taxation of Grocery Delivery”

  1. I asked Mo Maestas about two years past, “Since many folks have over weight problems which cause many other problems, why not tax groceries?” I got a smile and wave of the hand as an answer.

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