KOB TV interview: What would marijuana legalization mean for New Mexico’s finances?

KOB TV reporter Caleb James did an in-depth report (including a trip to Colorado) on marijuana, what legalization could mean for New Mexico, and how much revenue is leaving our state. Check out the story here (RGF president Paul Gessing is featured prominently in the 2nd half of the story):

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3 Replies to “KOB TV interview: What would marijuana legalization mean for New Mexico’s finances?”

  1. I take a different position than Gessing on this one. The typical New Mexican is already unmotivated and quite content to live off the rest of us. Legalization will only enhance that situation.
    Then there is the drug testing issue for most businesses. It would be hard to find or keep employees who can pass a test.
    I agree that law enforcement shouldn’t have to mess with minor possessions, but complete legalization will not be good for NM.

    1. I appreciate your perspective Gary. Drug testing is a real issue because it is often required by government policy or insurance, but the fact is that marijuana stays in the body far longer than alcohol and drugs like cocaine and even meth. Pot only makes you high for a short period of time, but is in your system and will shoe up in a drug test for a few weeks. That is a serious issue with tests.

  2. I do not mind legalizing pot. I just think it is a sad day for NM to think we need to sell drugs to balance the budget.

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