KOB-TV: ‘Right to Work’ states may have leg up in race for Tesla battery factory

Interesting story from KOB-TV on Right to Work:

Obviously, if you go ask a bunch of union people about Right to Work, your responses are going to be rather negative, but according to new polling from Gallup, 65% of Democrats nationwide support the concept.

We’re gaining momentum.

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5 Replies to “KOB-TV: ‘Right to Work’ states may have leg up in race for Tesla battery factory”

  1. “Union members represent 6% of the state’s workforce”….yeah, private sector. Well over 90% of NM’s union members work for some form of government.

  2. Hurrah to KOB-TV for doing the story even without “the rest of the story”!! Sadly, I won my bet that NM would not get the nod for the battery factory for several reasons; one of which was we are not a “right-to-work” state. Others include our punitive taxes; gross receipts and state personal income.

    It is hard to compete with states that are not only “right-to-work” but also have no state income tax.

  3. Done, done, and done.
    Where was NM to acquire,or not more usefully spend, a half-billion?
    Nevada loses, apparently.
    We already have a useless choo choo and space cadet training area

  4. Mr. Gessing: You were absolutely correct. Tesla went to a Right to Work State. The only problem I see is that Harry Reid will find a way to take credit for it. Maybe this will help us get Right to Work in NM. I will not hold my breath.

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