Kodak and the Post Office (and the government schools and health care…)

Thomas Sowell has an excellent column discussing the different ways in which time and government policies have impacted the Kodak company (which recently filed for bankruptcy) and the Post Office.

Of course, government never innovates and always responds first and foremost to political rather than economic and market forces. So, all of the problems faced by the Post Office are only multiplied when one considers that there are no viable, large-scale competitors to our government schools (yes, there are private schools, but people who send their children there must pay twice) and the health care system once ObamaCare is fully implemented (per Obama’s own rhetoric).

So, while we are using smaller, higher-resolution digital cameras that forced Kodak out of business (due to a failure to innovate), the government continues to keep our children in failing and outdated schools (without even the hope of real competitors like FedEx and UPS) and stands poised to completely take over our health care system.