Kudos to Albuquerque Biz First for excellent “Recovery Index”

The Albuquerque Biz First newspaper has really come into its own in recent years making many useful contributions to the public policy discussions here in New Mexico. The latest, highly useful item that they have come up with is the “Recovery Index.” It is in a simple “infographic” format below.

Using a few very specific, but important metrics, it shows how various sectors of Albuquerque’s economy have recovered (or not) with the reference point being the recession. I follow this stuff pretty closely and none of it really surprised me with the possible exception of the fact that the government work force has expanded slightly. I’d be interested to know how the makeup of that work force has changed (what has grown or shrunk, federal, state, and local?), but it is a very interesting and digestible look at the real challenges Albuquerque (and New Mexico) face.

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