Kudos to Bernalillo County for true transparency!

Bernalillo County has posted its payroll including names and pay online. You can find this information here. Previous efforts to make the County truly transparent had failed in the Commission, but the Rio Grande Foundation went ahead and requested the information and posted it online on our own website.

Kudos in particular to Commissioner Wayne Johnson for his steadfast leadership on transparency at the County. It is our hope and assumption that the push for transparency will continue at the County regardless of its partisan makeup.

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2 Replies to “Kudos to Bernalillo County for true transparency!”

  1. When I clicked on the link “information here”, which took me to the “Search Employees Salaries” window, I did not get salaries, but there was an “Hourly” column which may be an hourly rate in dollars, although there was no actual description of what the column was showing. Assuming it is an hourly rate in dollars, we still don’t know the salary unless we also see the hours per week or month or year worked. I don’t call that transparent. The RGF report does show salaries, but can’t be sorted by salary amount, so it would be difficult to search out those making the most in order to scrutinize their duties.

  2. That is an hourly rate. It is true that it should given explicitly in the case of yearly/part time workers. County Commissioner Wayne Johnson has been the leader on this. I’d send him a note if I were you and I’ll do the same.

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