Kudos to Gov. Martinez for taking on the government unions

Gov. Susana Martinez, in an action that the unions are characterizing in the starkest of terms “This means war!” has endorsed the policy of no longer allowing government entities to collect dues on behalf of the unions.

For starters, I wonder if the unions will come under the same criticism for using the term “war” that Lobo Coach Craig Neal did recently. Unfortunately, when it comes to unions and their aggressive tactics (see Wisconsin), “war” may be an all-too-appropriate term.

Nonetheless, it is no secret that the unions have never been fans of the Governor or anyone who thinks that businesses should have the freedom to contract with whomever they wish at a fair market price and that parents should be able to send their children to the school of their choice.

However, when Martinez’s plan is painted as “radical” and “union busting” which it already has, remember that even that great ally of labor unions, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, opposed the very existence of government labor unions. To state the obvious, Martinez’s plan to stop using taxpayer funds to collect union dues is far more moderate than Roosevelt’s position on the issue.

That’s not to say that Gov. Martinez faces an easy task in implementing her “no dues collection” policy, but government labor unions have been at “war” with the taxpayers of New Mexico for decades, it is good to see that we have a powerful ally on our side.

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5 Replies to “Kudos to Gov. Martinez for taking on the government unions”

  1. I’m glad she’s finally taking on the union thugs. As a retired state employee, I was forced to join the union representing state workers or loose my job. The union got its foothold from “Uncle Bill” in exchange for their support. Unions have no place in government period.

  2. Almost never do I believe FDR had the best interests of the US at heart, only his own (Stacking USSC, depression era policies, etc), but his opposition to public employee unions was spot-on. JFK unfortunately made much easier the establishment of public unions (Although he did accomplish three things in office – likely greatest tax reduction in history; had brother Bobby dragged out of the room before he started a war with Russia; and died in office, thereby establishing his legacy)
    Abolition of public-sector unions, especially in view of public employee protections under many laws since the 19th century, is the best move to make. Even private-sector unions (e.g., UAW) when public money is used to steal a company (GM) from its rightful owners, and handed over to union thugs, should be disbanded.
    And I have been a democrat for 44 years!

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