Kudos to Jim Scarantino: Saved Rio Rancho Taxpayer Millions

In case you haven’t heard already, the City of Rio Rancho has finally given up on its Green2V venture/debacle.

Our own Jim Scarantino (formerly of New Mexico Watchdog) had blown the whistle on Green2V months ago, so I am glad to see Rio Rancho finally catching up to reality. Scarantino had uncovered the fact that Green2V was not a viable enterprise and that Rio Rancho would be wasting taxpayers money be offering incentives for the “company” to set up shop in the so-called “The City of Vision.”

No word on whether Jim has received so much as a basket of fruit from the City. It’s the least they can do considering how much he saved them.

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3 Replies to “Kudos to Jim Scarantino: Saved Rio Rancho Taxpayer Millions”

  1. Thanks for the kudos, Paul. And no, I have not received any basket for fruit from Rio Rancho. Heck, their economic development folks have to even return a single phone call. I loved the pic in the Journal showing Bingaman, Richardson and Swisstack gleaming as they shared in holding up the Green2V banner–probably the only tangible article that company will ever produce.

  2. I guess this is more noteworthy than the debunked “phantom district” fiasco that the Associated Press showed was a badly-reported, partisan witch hunt.

    So congrats on this one, Jim. But we’ll hold off on the fruit baskets until we get a correction on your phantom districts stories.

    “In a “fact check” feature on Watchdog’s scoop, the Associated Press’s Matt Apuzzo took the step that the Watchdog reporters had not: he checked to see what was happening to the money. As it turns out, the funds were going exactly where they were supposed to go, not vanishing into black holes as the Watchdog sites had implied. The problem was simply that a handful of the local government agencies and nonprofits that had received stimulus funds had mistyped the zip codes when they entered information about their projects into the federal database. In other words, all the fuss had been over a few stray typos. “[T]he ‘phantom congressional districts’ are being used as a phantom issue to suggest that stimulus money has been misspent,” Apuzzo concluded.”

    Background: http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/features/2010/1005.mcgann.html

  3. Try reading the actual AP report, Richard C., instead of the secondary source hack-job Washington Monthly. The AP’s opening paragraph said I got it right, but other people I don’t control made of it what they wanted. If you’ve got a problem with what people did with my accurate reporting on how the Obama Administration reported to the American people that it was spending billions and creating jobs in non-existent congressional districts, take it up with them, not me. Like, try to get Steve Colbert to retract his skits poking fun at the Obama Administration for such laughably sloppy accounting. Then get back to us and let us know how you fared. And if you want anyone to really take seriously anything–anything–you have to say, you might try writing under your real name. Hiding behind a fake name-tag makes you look like a sniveling, low-rent coward, which I am sure is not the impression you wish to leave.

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