Kudos to Mayor Berry for new transparency website

Mayor Berry’s Administration has released the city’s new transparency website. This is a great step forward for Albuquerque and Berry deserves praise for getting it done (I know it has been a long push). We have worked with the Mayor’s office and made suggestions and we are pleased to see so many good ideas implemented into the City’s site. But don’t take our word for it, take the word of the transparency experts over at Sunshine Review.

According to the folks at Sunshine Review:

This city website is out-performing most government websites in the US for proactive disclosure of information. In fact, very few local governments have made the effort to be that transparent, and in such detail.
You want it, this site has it. Credit card receipts, lobbying expenditures, campaign contributions, audits, contracts, employee salaries—everything. This website literally achieved not just every mark on Sunshine Review’s transparency checklist, but also nailed all our suggested data as well. Data is even downloadable in different formats.

Again, great job Mr. Mayor. I wish all government entities were as willing to open up to public scrutiny.