Kudos to Obama DOJ on Asset Forfeiture Reform

As the 2015 legislative session approaches, the Rio Grande Foundation has been working on a variety of issues. One that has not been as public (to date) is “civil asset forfeiture” reform. And, while there is work to be done at the state level, it is worth acknowledging an important move by the Obama Administration to reduce the likelihood of forfeiture abuse.

Simply put, “civil asset forfeiture” had become ripe for abuse with police departments seizing the possessions of otherwise innocent people who were not provided due process in the same way as accused criminals. Details on civil asset forfeiture can be found here.

A detailed Washington Post article on the Obama Administration’s move can be found here.

A press release from our friends at the Institute for Justice can be found here.

Here is an article relating to recent comments from the Las Cruces former city attorney that spurred outrage nationwide.

Note: this week on the NM Freedom Hour on 770 KKOB, I’ll be sitting down with an ideologically-diverse panel of experts to discuss asset forfeiture reform including this move by the Obama Administration.