Kudos to the Clovis Schools

As I wrote earlier this week, we at the Rio Grande Foundation have collected and released payroll documents for all of New Mexico’s 33 counties. We have also been collecting payroll documents from some of the largest school districts in the state.

In that process, I believe we played a role in APS’s laudable decision to release payroll information on its website.

But, some school districts like the Clovis Municipal Schools decided to take transparency to heart. We were very pleased that, upon receiving our information request, not only did Clovis comply, but they took it upon themselves to post payroll, past audits, and additional documents on their website. This proactive effort is exactly what we (and others) are hoping to spur among various government agencies throughout the state. We encourage other districts, counties, city governments, and institutions to take similar action.

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One Reply to “Kudos to the Clovis Schools”

  1. On behalf of the Clovis Municipal Schools Accounts Payable clerks (Gena Wilkerson and I), I would like to say, thank you! Going paperless has been a good change to the environment and provides more space in the office.

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