Kudos to the Gov. for cracking down on EBT abuse

It’s been a bit of a tough week for Gov. Martinez with the release of audio recordings from four years ago in which she says some not-so-nice things about her political opponents (in what she thought were private conversations), but of much more importance is that Gov. Martinez has done what Sen. Majority Leader Michael Sanchez refused to do: crack down on the use of EBT (food stamp) cards at casinos, liquor stores, and strip clubs.

The New Mexico Watchdog, then an arm of the Rio Grande Foundation led by Jim Scarantino, blew the whistle on this issue in late 2012, but Michael Sanchez refused to bring legislation with unanimous bi-partisan support to a vote, so it died, leading me to wonder why Sanchez would dislike poor people so much that he’d jeopardize federal funding for food stamps by leaving the program so wide open to abuse.

Well, at least in this circumstance, the Gov. has acted alone to preserve the integrity of a program that Sanchez and his liberal allies believe is among the most effective “economic stimulus” programs known to man (I think they are crazy, but that’s a different story).

So, perhaps when they are done ripping the Gov. for her potty mouth, the liberal legislators will sing her praises for standing up for the poor and helping stimulate New Mexico’s economy? I’m not holding my breath.