Labor unions are digging their own graves

News today is that the United Auto Workers have struck General Motors. While this may not be immediately relevant to New Mexico, the reasons for the strike should be relevant to any non-government union worker. The union says the strike is not about wages or benefits, but “job security” and I believe them.
The problem is that job security for unionized workers in plants run by GM, Ford, and Chrysler will force the so-called Big Three to continue shifting production out of the US in order to avoid combative and inflexible unions. That is not to say that US workers are not the best in the world or that the Japanese car companies that have set up shop here are under-paying their workers. They are not.
The problem is that unions and their convoluted work rules are simply not flexible enough to adjust to today’s economy. Without that flexibility and with unions limited to preserving existing jobs, union membership is dropping and fast. In fact, the only workplaces that are bureaucratic and resistant to change enough to sustain growing union populations are governments…kind of expains why governments work (or fail to work) the way they do.