Ladner, Florida K-12 Reforms Garner Widespread Coverage

In case you missed it, the Rio Grande Foundation made quite a splash with our recent events on K-12 education reform with Dr. Matthew Ladner. This resulted in an editorial and a front-page story indicating that gubernatorial Susana Martinez had adapted much of the Florida model as her platform.

Ladner’s presentation is available here:

His powerpoint presentation can be found here. Ladner also sat down with the folks at KUNM for an interview which can be found here.

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6 Replies to “Ladner, Florida K-12 Reforms Garner Widespread Coverage”

  1. So glad this was a success. Matt’s approach is almost exactly, maybe even exactly, what NM needs to improve the embarrassing and abysmal statewide public education system. I hope the news folks will pick this up and run with it, although they never seem to be around when positive ideas are being shared at RGF events.

  2. Learn for yourself. Google Florida and school grades 2010.
    Read about the FCAT score controversy across the state and the increased D and F schools while losing A schools.
    Read what Superintendents are saying about the FCAT scores. Florida also had FCAT trouble years ago when reading scores were inflated. An investigating agency suggested it unwise to tie hie stakes to a single inidicator.
    Years later, Florida still does this at the elementary and middle school level. All that glitters is not gold. Do your own investigating.

  3. Florida’s grade 12 NAEP results were below the national avaerage in both Reading and Math. This student group would have been to exposed to many years of reform.
    Research Florida’s SAT scores, ACT scores and its standing as far as dropout factories.

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