Lands issue in NM: a real opportunity for conservatives to appeal to Hispanics

Rio Grande Foundation is an issues-based organization. In other words, we look at public policy issues facing New Mexico’s economy and educational systems from the perspective of limited government. We believe that, when properly understood, limited government and economic freedom benefit ALL of us regardless of race, color, or creed. But, the reality is that public policy reform often involves appealing to specific groups. Certainly, conservatives and free market advocates have struggled to attract Hispanics to our point of view.

At least in New Mexico, the issue of federal overreach on land management issues provides an excellent opportunity. In today’s Albuquerque Journal, A.M. Martinez makes several salient points in that regard. More history on disputes between the federal government and land grant holders here.

Ultimately, when it comes to federal lands, the only thing that everyone can agree on is that Washington does a poor job of managing the land. Given the political challenges faced by Western states in managing those lands for the benefit of Westerners as opposed to wealthy environmentalists back East, we need all the support we can get.