Largest “company” by revenue by state

I’m not sure what it says about New Mexico’s economy that our largest “business” is a non-profit health care provider (Presbyterian), but it is not good. Actually, it is an indicator that New Mexico lacks a developed private sector.

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  1. This just proves that New Mexico has given up on ever being a place of economic freedom. If we would become a Right to Work state and either lower or remove the state income tax then we could compete with Texas, Florida and others. Sadly, we have a ‘big government is best’ mentality in the state legislature and among the ignorant masses who pay no attention. Unless people of New Mexico get real about the economy and business, we will continue to be last on all the ‘good’ lists, and first on all the ‘bad’ lists.

    1. The good news is that I think things are changing whether the “powers that be” like it or not.

      1. I hope you are correct. New Mexico used to be mostly Conservative (even the democrats here were more conservative than most of today’s “conservatives”), but the tide has changed. With organizations like the Rio Grande Foundation and the New Mexico Business Coalition hard at work to make sure truth gets out, we stand a chance. But, it begins at home. We must all be willing to get informed and then share everything we learn with our family, friends, neighbors, etc. There are so many issues to cover and very little time. God bless you, Paul! Keep up the great work.

  2. In the healthcare industry, there are numbers of not-for-profit companies, which have structured their businesses as non-profits, to avoid taxation. In reality, they basically operate as most for-profit companies operate. Another example is Delta Dental Insurance. Yet another example is Sarrell Dental, a chain of dental clinics HQ’ed in AL.

    Michael W Davis, DDS
    Santa Fe, NM

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