Las Cruces Public Schools Hires Left-wing Activist to Promote “Equity”

Is “equity” an inherently left-wing value? See definition below and then consider this announcement from the Las Cruces Public Schools in which the District has hired left-wing activist Sarah Silva (formerly the head of the left-wing activism group CAFé) to head up the District’s Equity Council.

CAFé is based in Las Cruces and, while their primary focus these days is fighting the Trump Administration’s immigration policies, their efforts have involved pushing Las Cruces to adopt its current minimum wage which is now $10.25.

It’s not that folks like Silva shouldn’t be able to work for government bodies like the School District. Rather, if you read Silva’s background and job description (available again here)  it is clear that Silva is simply taking her political activism from the private sector to the public sector. She’ll now be paid by New Mexico taxpayers to be a political activist. To say this kind of arrangement would not work for a conservative candidate is to state the obvious.

Of course, rather than obsessing about how much funding is allocated and to which racial or ethnic group, New Mexico schools would be better off adopting reforms like a student-centered school choice program, but that would actually require political courage.