Latest Episodes of Speaking Freely Now Online

My apologies for not getting last week’s episode up more quickly, but the show from July 27 is now up as is the July 4 show.

On the 27th, Jim and I interview Tina with the Albuquerque Tea Party about the 4th of July Tea Party (video of event here), then Jim and Paul discuss the difficulties of doing business in the oil and gas industries in New Mexico with the author of a new international study on the topic. Lastly, Jim and Paul interview 1st district (Albuquerque-area) Republican Congressional candidate Jon Barela.

On the 4th of July show Jim Scarantino revisited the Declaration of Independence and it’s world-changing proclamations of fundamental human rights. Jim also discussed political corruption in New Mexico with Harvey Yates, the GOP’s new chairman, who has a personal story to tell of how he stood up to a shake down by the Valencia County attorney.

All speaking freely podcasts are available here.