Left and right agree to $1 trillion + in spending cuts

My old friends at the National Taxpayers Union have proven that left and right CAN agree to cut large amounts of wasteful and unnecessary federal spending. The conservative taxpayers group and the liberal Nader-spinoff PIRG have co-authored this report called “Common Ground” which outlines more than $1 trillion in real spending cuts.

According to the two organizations, the study identifies 54 specific cuts in federal spending, including:

  • $214.9 billion in savings from eliminating wasteful subsidies to agribusiness and other corporations.
  • $428.8 billion in savings from ending low-priority or unnecessary military programs
  • $232.3 billion in savings from improvements to program execution and government operations.
  • $132.1 in savings from reforms to major entitlement programs

Kudos to NTU and PIRG for showing that there is plenty of wasteful and unnecessary spending being done by the federal government and that large amounts of that spending can and should be eliminated if left and right will only sit down and work together.