Left wing New Mexico senators call on university to censor conservative speakers

According to The Daily Wire left-wing Democrat Senators Soules and Hamblen recently sent a letter to the University president in which they “expressed their ‘extreme disappointment’ that the university allowed (conservative political commentator) Matt Walsh to speak on campus at a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) event in April.”

The senators apparently don’t want anyone at the University to have an opportunity to hear from Matt Walsh.

Walsh is known for his documentary What is a Woman? in which he asks numerous academics and gender “experts” that simple question. You can watch Walsh’s full speech at NMSU below. Considering that the talk remains available through the oft-censored Youtube is an indicator that is speech was hardly as offensive and inflammatory as the senators would have you believe.

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7 Replies to “Left wing New Mexico senators call on university to censor conservative speakers”

  1. Some of Walsh’s points are good ones but overall he’s an obnoxious jerk who makes money from steering up hatred with his sensationalist diatribe. The legislators have every right to express their opinion. It is up to the individuals, students and faculty, at New Mexico state to make the decision. It’s also appropriate for students to demonstrate en masse. That’s another freedom we have.

    1. I think the legislators could say they agree with you that he’s an obnoxious jerk (if they choose), but asking the University not to have him or speakers like him is not only wrong it is possibly a violation of the 1st Amendment.

    2. Dave Willard, I may have misunderstood your statement regarding senators have a right to an opinion but I would like to further state that as public servants they do not have the right to restrict anyone from exercising their right to free speech and that is what they are guilty of. These senators need to be impeached.

  2. The First Amendment is under obvious attack in a largely conservative area of the state. And the Governor has recently decreed suspension of the Second Amendment in specific portions of the State.

    They (“progressives”) appear to be working their way through the Constitution numerically. Lends credence to the idea that mathematics education in New Mexico (STEM) may be priority… They demonstrated their grasp of topography when they gerimandered the southeastern portion of the State to ensure a Democrat takeover of a traditionally Republican congressional seat.

  3. These senators did far more than express their opinion. They attempted to pressure the university to censor speech they disagree with. I don’t know if they can be impeached for being class 1 a-holes, but hopefully their constituents will vote to replace them.

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