Leftists: get rid of oil/gas and replace it with….

The folks at Voices for Children have never met a government program they didn’t want to expand. They want higher taxes (especially on higher income New Mexicans) but their big-spending plans are their “bread and butter.”

But, like so many on the left they revile the industry that provides approximately 40% of New Mexico’s budget, oil and gas. Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino expounded on this point earlier in the year and recently James Jimenez of Voice for Children did the same.

And don’t forget, Gov. Lujan Grisham has also stated that she wants to “transition New Mexico out of fossil fuels.”

What you don’t hear from any of them is any detailed plans for replacing the jobs and tax revenues of oil and gas. The best you get from Jimenez is the following platitude, “Our legislators need to tap into our state‚Äôs well of ingenuity and knowledge and figure out how to accelerate the diversification of our economy and state revenue sources.”