Legislative committees hear lots of bad ideas this afternoon

In meetings scheduled to start at 1:30 this afternoon, several legislative committees will hear bad bills. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear SB 66, which caps interest rates for small installment loans at 36%. This cap would force loan providers to be much more selective with whom they serve, meaning that those who most need this type of loan would likely not be able to access them. The House Commerce and Economic Development Committee will hear HB 110, which would gradually raise the minimum wage to $15. The House Judiciary Committee will hear HB 20, a paid sick leave mandate; HB 166, which prohibits home assembly of firearms; and HB 193, an update to the state’s red flag law.

All webcasts can be accessed here. You can join the Zoom meeting for public comment for the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee here and for the House Judiciary Committee here.

The Rio Grande Foundation submitted testimony in opposition to SB 66, HB 110, and HB 20 and will speak in opposition to HB 166 and HB 193.