Legislative update: 2/5/24

With 10 days left in the 2014 legislative session here is the latest on some bills that we’ve been tracking (and rating at our Freedom Index where we are rating and tracking the bills and legislators based on their votes).

HB 41: Over the weekend this bill passed the House (albeit with bipartisan opposition on a 36-33 vote). The so-called “Clean Fuel Standard” which would raise gas prices by empowering the Governor’s unelected Environmental Improvement Board to manage what goes into your gas tank.

HB 6/SB 3: Paid Family Leave: The House version has stalled in the House Commerce Committee (which killed it last year). SB 3 moved out of Senate Finance over the weekend. If leadership wants to pass a bill they seem likely to push SB 3 and will avoid potentially hostile committees.

HB 133: Imposes harmful new regulations on NM’s oil and gas industry. It awaits action on the House floor.

HB 129: Was amended and then passed on the House floor to include a 7-day waiting period on gun sales. Here’s the vote. 

There are other potential good and bad bills moving. We are especially watching to see what the tax omnibus package looks like.