Let the wild, left-wing rumpus begin!

Liberals and conservatives rarely agree on anything, but the fact that Koch Brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity is leaving New Mexico is bad news for conservatives and good news for left-wing liberals like George Soros.

While this is unfortunate news for advocates of the free market and limited government throughout New Mexico, we at the Rio Grande Foundation aren’t going anywhere. We’ll continue to advocate for the free market and against the far-left agenda that has led New Mexico to the bottom in economic freedom and the top of so many bad lists when it comes to poverty, overall economic performance, and education.

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3 Replies to “Let the wild, left-wing rumpus begin!”

  1. You may refer to them as leftists, communists, collectivists, progressives, statists, radicals, revolutionaries, socialists, nazis, national socialists, fascists, Taborites, Marxists, or near any number of accurate and appropriate terms, but NOT liberals.
    I am a democrat of nearly 45 years, a Jeffersonian liberal (essentially a person believing in personal freedom and responsibility), which today likely would be a small-“l” libertarian. I resent the left usurping the term liberal when nearly none of them are; rather, too many are takers and haters who work to control and enslave populations.

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