Leverage private sector to improve government efficiency in Rio Rancho (and the rest of New Mexico)

The City of Albuquerque has dramatically-expanded and improved its recycling program by coordinating with a private company to process the materials taken in under the program. This is a model that could and should be followed by state and local governments throughout New Mexico.

As I wrote in an article for the Rio Rancho Observer, the efficiency allowed by private sector businesses can bring significant benefits to government services (this will be even more important with the departure of 400 Intel workers and their tax dollars).

In August, the Rio Grande Foundation hosted Len Gilroy of Reason Foundation for discussions of public private partnerships and how the private sector can be leveraged to improve government efficiency. He sat down with Diane Kinderwater for in interview on “Issues and Answers.” You can see that interview below:

Len Gilroy of Reason Foundation discusses the potential for public private partnerships and privatization in New Mexico from Paul Gessing on Vimeo.