Liberal Bernalillo County Commission adopts Project Labor Agreement ordinance

Elections have consequences and with a 4-1 Democrat majority on Bernalillo County Commission, we knew that a massive giveaway to the unions that so strongly support the Party would be hard to stop.

Though the County is now facing a $24 million shortfall (just announced in today’s Albuquerque Journal) and the “community workforce agreement” (project labor agreement) ordinance adopted last night by the Commission. This would increase construction costs by an estimated 18%, but the Commission went ahead and adopted the giveaway to the unions and mandated that any construction projects using County money must be carried out with unionized workers.

Of course this will ultimately result in either roads that are in worse condition or higher taxes (or both), but what’s more important for the Commission (minus Lonnie Talbert) is to support the unions that donate to their campaigns.