LNG export ban among Biden’s worst policy fails

As we’ve written before in this space the Biden Administration’s policy failures are frequent and often conflict with their stated policy objectives. Perhaps no other single policy move by the Biden Administration has as many downsides and fewer upsides associated with it than his decision to pause permits for LNG export exporters.

The following story from Nikkei Asia highlights how completely insane Biden’s policy is:

In Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, LNG has an established role ensuring energy security and economic stability, while also providing the foundations for a low-carbon future.

Massive volumes of coal must be displaced through the 2030s and beyond across emerging Asia to achieve the region’s net-zero aspirations. This inevitably will mean substantial gas imports.

India, Vietnam and the Philippines are among the fast-growing Asian nations that plan to increase the role of gas in their economies through LNG imports as a reliable complement to renewable energy investment.


Biden’s policy is harmful to the environment, the US economy, and to our foreign policy efforts especially as relates to the Russia/Ukraine conflict. The US House took a vote on legislation to overturn the Biden Administration ban. Not surprisingly New Mexico’s extreme leftist delegation all voted against the State’s (and nation’s) best interests. New Mexico is a top natural gas producing state.

Who supports the ban? Of course, radical environmental groups which form the most powerful interest group in the Democratic Party coalition.

State Natural Gas Production Rankings