Local and national perspectives on the LNG export issue, Obama’s jobs opportunity, and fracking’s safety

I spoke to the Farmington-based Tri-City Tribune recently on the issue of LNG exports. That article can be found here.

The Wall Street Journal had this extremely favorable editorial this week on LNG exports but criticized the Obama Administration for “regulatory indecision” that is threatening to cost US producers of natural gas in the battle to supply the fuel to customers around the globe.

Also, columnist James K. Glassman has a column explaining how, while President Obama may have had a tough hand when he entered office, he has (or could have been) the beneficiary of some significant, positive developments in the energy sector that would have the US economy humming into recovery rather than sputtering along.

Lastly, yet another study on fracking (this one from Arkansas) has found no groundwater contamination resulting from the drilling technique.