Local government NEVER stops attacking business

As if the COVID 19 lockdowns haven’t done enough harm to businesses around New Mexico and in the Metro area, two proposals (one from Albuquerque City Council and one from Bernalillo County Commission) would further inflict harm on local businesses, many of whom have been forced to close their doors since March.

In Albuquerque, the push for mandated paid sick leave rears its ugly head for the umpteenth time as Councilor Diane Gibson is pushing legislation to create “A Task Force To Explore Options For Implementing Minimum Sick Leave Requirements In The City.” It is ordinance R-86 if you contact your councilor to explain yet again, that in the best of economic times this is a job-killer. With the entire City under lockdown and businesses closing in droves, a biased task force is the last thing we need.

Not to be outdone in its effort to harm the local economy, Bernalillo County Commissioner Debbie O’Malley is introducing a “Project Labor Agreement” bill to the County. You can read more here under agenda item 8. PLA’s essentially hand public works projects over to unions in ways that increase costs to taxpayers. The bill will be introduced at the County Commission meeting on Tuesday, August 11, at 5:00pm. Here are a few choice portions of the proposed ordinance: