Lots of bad bills on the schedule over the next few days

Legislative committees will be hearing several bad bills today, tomorrow, and Friday. Meeting after today’s Senate floor session, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear HB 4, the Civil Rights Act. This bill would open municipalities up to increased liability, putting strain on their reinsurance and raising costs to taxpayers. Next, the Senate Tax, Business, and Transportation Committee will hear SB 198 in a meeting starting at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. This bill is another of several paid sick leave mandates. Finally, the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee will meet at 1:30 Friday afternoon to discuss SB 66, a cap on small loan interest rates.

You can find all the committee webcasts here. To give public comment on SB 198, follow the instructions here. You can join the Zoom meeting for public comment on SB 66 here.

The Rio Grande Foundation submitted testimony in opposition to HB 4, SB 198, and SB 66.