Louisiana ups the ante on education reform

This week saw the passage of some of the most sweeping education reforms in the United States. Louisiana, led by Gov. Bobby Jindal, pushed through reforms including:

Curtailing teacher tenure protection; tying instructors’ compensation and superintendents’ job security to student performance; shifting hiring and firing power from school boards to superintendents; creation of new paths to open independent public charter schools; and establishing a statewide program that uses the public-school financing formula to pay private-school tuition for certain low-income students.

Predictably, the unions stand in opposition and are hoping to recall Gov. Jindal. Whatever does eventually happen, I believe that Louisiana — a state that has struggled with educational performance like New Mexico — will see increased educational outcomes over the next 10 years. So, while New Mexico Democrats are playing defense against Florida’s reforms (Model 1.0) if you will, Louisiana is moving ahead with Model 2.0. If New Mexico’s education system were a computer, it would be DOS.