Lujan Grisham Administration wishes to follow California in mandating electric trucks

As per the usual arrangement New Mexico’s left-wing governor wants California to be the standard for what happens in New Mexico. The State Environmental Department under the auspices of the Gov. joined a few other left-wing states and signed a letter to the EPA in which it demands that the agency follow California in embracing standards equivalent to California’s Advanced Clean Trucks standard.

What would that mean? According to the International Council on Clean Transportation, here’s where the “rubber hits the road.” We have yet to see an electric or “zero emissions” tractor trailer on the road in New Mexico, but by next year that would be the requirement if Gov. Lujan Grisham got her way. You can see how the requirement would rise for various types of trucks below.  

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18 Replies to “Lujan Grisham Administration wishes to follow California in mandating electric trucks”

    1. We also don’t have the electrical grid to support them. Also rolling blackouts are predicted here this summer!

  1. The first rule in everything…is…follow the money!

    NM is right up there with CO. They do not have the basics in line to allow EV into their state. Their power grid is in the 1940’s,! If they allow this to happen, then brown outs will be happening just as they are in CA!

    Wake up! EV are not the option! If you want to go this way, wake up the solar industry. Then, I can charge my own car from my own grid.

  2. Oh boy. Here they go again, railing against an inevitable future. And ignoring the fact that the fossil fuel industry is the most heavily subsidized industry on the planet (IMF). All of this struggle to get away from an existential crisis that the right fails to recognize this was such

  3. Are you going to buy me a new electric truck for free since I’m on Social Security and only get $1153/month? The F 350 diesel I drive was intended to last me the rest of my life? What am I suppose to do?

    1. I’m on Social Security too and can’t afford one. I promise you the move to electrical trucks is going to be a gradual one. Gas powered vehicles are going to be on the road for decades. I don’t think I even want an electric truck now. I like to go out in the boonies camping and I can’t carry a can of batteries around with me like I can carry a can of gas.

      1. Once again, I agree with your comment. I think many of the commenters failed to read the whole article and understand the graph showing the gradual phase in of electric trucks. My next vehicle will not be electric but I can see one in the future when charging stations are available everywhere and ranges have increased. I’m currently looking at plug in hybrids – which I consider to be the best of both worlds.

  4. I don’t see how getting away from oil is a bad thing. I am a Republican, but I swear the party has turned into a bunch of wimps to appease their radical base. Their posturing for cameras whining that we can’t tell companies what to do just rings hollow when they also go after companies who dare speak out against laws that exclude some groups – I am talking about the attacks on Mickey Mouse in Florida – and use them as a weapon for their own personal gain and the “cancel culture” they act like is evil and then do it to a beer company for daring step out of line. Sickening!

    1. Watch out! Respectfully, you’re headed in the right direction. Google the Guardian article showing that ExxonMobil knew about the effects of a reliance on fossil fuels and it’s deleterious effect on the environment in the 1970s. And covered it up.

  5. NEW MEXICO WAKE UP! Electric vehicles are the least of our concerns! MLG is a “boot-licking” DEMONcrat who will DO ANYTHING to move herself closer the “powers-thay-be” in that hellhole called Washington, DC!

  6. Love how the Y axis is not gradiated. Yes, I can read the percentages on the dot plots… 40, 55 and 75 are not insignificant. I have a truck now, 2011 Chevy Avalanche. Likely my last one tho. Don’t need such a big vehicle now that am getting older. Will drive it until it dies then get some Subaru Outback or some car. Not that they are bad cars, just not enthused about the transition.

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