Lujan Grisham and Legislative Democrats unveil plans to increase price of gas (by 35 cents/gallon) in New Mexico

As if gasoline prices aren’t high enough already, Gov. Lujan Grisham and the Democrats have put forth draft legislation (you can provide comment on it NOW) that would further increase the price of gasoline.

The bill, available here is called the Clean Fuel Standard Act and it failed narrowly in the 2021 session. It is being reintroduced in 2022 and it is one of Lujan Grisham’s top priorities. If adopted, the legislation would lead to a 35 cent/gallon increase in gasoline prices. That’s based on the Environment Department’s statement that bill targets reductions “carbon intensity” of 20% by 2030 and 30% by 2040 from 2018 levels.”

The bill will be considered in the 2022 session no matter what and with a large number of “progressives” willing to blindly support Lujan Grisham it could easily pass, but the Environment Department IS collecting comments on the draft bill. We recommend something along the lines of “NO” or “Hell no” or perhaps something more nuanced as “Ethanol makes our air dirtier.” (feel free to review the EPA study linked).

As the article notes, “making ethanol and using it produces nitrous oxides in the atmosphere. Once there, nitrous oxides plus oxygen plus sunlight becomes ozone — a major pollutant.”

Please submit comments on the draft bill to by 5 p.m., Friday, December 10, 2021.


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32 Replies to “Lujan Grisham and Legislative Democrats unveil plans to increase price of gas (by 35 cents/gallon) in New Mexico”

  1. NO!! Why should we pay higher prices for gas??? Prices are high enough now! People are having trouble paying bills, buying food etc.
    Our state wants gas to go up?? Then our state needs to shell out the money themselves.

  2. Another brilliant idea by someone totally out of touch with reality. Luckily I live nine miles from Texas. I already by all my gas and diesel out of NM. All these people know is tax…tax…tax.

  3. Once again, our idiot governor proves herself to be utterly unaware of reality in her endless quest to pander to the leftist/”progressives” (funny how they usurped that term, as if to imply they are actually for progress)

    1. Are you kidding me? We live in one of the poorest states in the country and this governor wants to place what amounts to a $.35 per gallon TAX on every person in the state. She has no shame and looks down on us peasants from her castle on high. Vote her OUT.

    2. When you want the country to grow and not stay the same, like more equal rights and so on, it’s called progressive. If you want it to stay the same, it’s conservative. Pretty simple concept.

  4. We live 50-110 miles to the nearest, to medical a facility. We are already hurting with high prices. It’s totally asinine to do this to us! Children come from over fifty miles to go to school and often further to play sports. The argument has already been presented of the damage this methanol gas causes. What will we gain? I see higher prices to feed families who are beginning to struggle. What is wrong with our leaders to do this! I say, No! No! No!

  5. As if the gas prices aren’t high enough to raise the prices would be detrimental to a lot of NM citizens. Not to mention would make transportation for the struggling community nearly impossible, raising the poverty level in our state even higher. Not everyone makes or has as much money or even close to what the governor does there are other ways to deal with the deteriorating ozone other than hurting the American people. Start making and using solar. It is available now it just has to become the new way of transportation or even electric.

    1. Yes, exactly, I live in Las Cruces. Similarly, the LC City Council and its too-high minimum wage has caused the giving away of MANY of the construction support jobs (insulation, framing, rock walls) to companies in El Paso who drive 40 miles and have half the labor costs. Housing and subdivisions are a $100,000,000+ dollar industry in Las Cruces and NM is giving a substantial portion to El Paso, TX. Even 20% is $20,000,000 to El Paso.

  6. I can’t believe our governor is this stupid. We can’t afford gas as it is and here she goes writing another check on the auto industry You can’t cure stupid and this fine example proves this. God I hope this doesn’t happen.

  7. Karen D. What about the people on Soc. Sec., can they afford higher gas? What about people who have lost their jobs from covid? Can they afford higher gas!

  8. With the horrible state of our economy, the historical crisis of inflation that the Socialist/Communistic so called President has buried us with , people have to drive to work to pay their bills. You and your “Progressives” that are being well taken care of by the Socialist Party, have no idea nor do you care about the extra .35/gal that tax payers who pay your salary will some how have to struggle to pay..


  10. As if gasoline prices weren’t high enough! So many of New Mexico’s residents are struggling with the effects of inflation already. One would think our Governor would be looking for ways to help people instead of looking.for ways to make our lives more difficult. She is truly not fit to be our governor.

  11. I hope deep down inside she knows she’s actually the WORST governor in the history of New Mexico. Honestly what is she trying to do here besides ruin our lives? Literally all she’s done is try and take away most of New Mexicans’ livelihoods by making the idiotic decisions she has for our state so far. The only good thing about her is she’s pro cannabis, only bad thing is you can tell that woman needs to get off of her high-I’ll spend the states money on whatever the hell i please’s-horse and let someone who knows what’s actually best for our state take a stab at it and I guarandamntee you that person could do it in their sleep. She’s ignorant and I can’t wait until she’s no longer representing our state as more of a traitor than a leader. Go home lady, you’re drunk…like all the time, apparently. ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

  12. Should the Governor push the gasoline tax up by an addtional35 cents over existing price of gasoline today, then the Governor will not be for a second term.

  13. This tyrant of a hitler governor needs to be removed from her office and from this state before she destroys New Mexico and it’s people we already have gas prices that are outrageous and food prices that are unbelievable I say hell to the no on raising prices

  14. Please reconsider this proposal. We do like the idea of electric cars, but we just can’t afford one. This additional increase in gas prices would increase the burden of putting food on our table. I respectfully request that you consider not going forward with this proposal, on already struggling New Mexicans.

  15. In one of the poorest states in the nation, this governor and legislative Democratics,
    want to increase the price of gasoline.

  16. Once Again the governor only cares about themselves it’s easy for them cause they can afford it, it’s hard enough for low-income people!

  17. As if they don’t have enough of our money to burn,they want more!
    Chances are they will fail to try hard enough to accomplish anything worthwhile and just sit on the $$$$ .

  18. Hell no. Although I drive a hybrid my cost has gone from less than $20.00 to fill up to nearly $ fill up my gas tank.

  19. Hell NO. Most poor people can’t afford good food now and you want to penalize them for driving to work. They won’t be able to eat.

  20. Sponsored by Senator Mimi Stewart, the legislation harnesses market forces to spur millions of dollars in economic investment in the clean economy with the potential to create jobs in rural and urban communities across the state. If implemented, a clean fuel standard will reduce emissions by an estimated 18.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide – equivalent to taking 570,000 cars off the road for a year.

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