Tell Your Senator: Make New Mexico the 26th Right to Work state in 2016!

New Mexico’s economy faces serious issues, but we know one tool that has led to job creation nationwide at no cost to taxpayers: adoption of a “right to work” law.

The 30-day session kicks off on January 19, but we know that “right to work” will be on the Legislature’s agenda. It passed the House on a bi-partisan vote in 2015, but the Democrat-held Senate refused to even vote on it!

Click here to search for your Senator or click on their picture/name to send them an email with the simple message: Support “right to work” and at the very least New Mexicans deserve an “up or down” vote on the issue of “right to work.”

“Right to work” is not anti-union, it simply means that you cannot be required to be a member of a union or pay union dues to one. New Mexico is one of 25 non-“right to work” states. Right to work is strongly associated with stronger job growth among states where it is adopted:

The Rio Grande Foundation tracked announcements of expansions, relocations, and greenfield investments published on Area Development‘s website between January 2015 and August 2015. “Right to work” states attracted 80% of the new jobs.

Methodology notes:

* All job estimates — “up to,” “as many as,” “about” — were taken at face value, for RTW and non-RTW states alike.

* If an announcement did not make an employment projection, efforts were made to obtain an estimate from newspaper articles and/or press releases by elected officials and economic-development bureaucracies.

* If no job figure could be found anywhere, the project was not counted, whether it was a RTW or non-RTW state.

* Intrastate relocations were not counted, interstate relocations were.