Making Waves with Alibi Readers

In case you missed it, I took a few thousand words to explain the benefits of free markets to the Alibi generally left-wing readership last week. Not surprisingly — even the lefties at the Alibi understand that controversy spurs interest/attracts readers and thus improves advertising sales — I generated a pretty strong response.

You can read this week’s letters here.

It would be impossible to answer all the points raised in the letters, but here’s a few thoughts. Love Canal was caused by the government, not the market. DDT saves lives and doesn’t inflict great harm on the environment. The regulations now pending before the Environmental Improvement Board are being implemented in an anti-Democratic and incredibly economically-harmful manner. Read the Washington Post to find out more about Wal Mart as a progressive success story.

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One Reply to “Making Waves with Alibi Readers”

  1. I sent this to the Alibi:

    What Paul Gessing was too polite to say.
    Free (unregulated) markets always produce the greatest good for the greatest number at the lowest price. I challenge any of those who offered criticism to give one example of any other health care that does not enslave doctors and patients either by forcing them to work for free or at a lower price then they would like or by forcing those who do not want health care to pay for it anyway.

    Liberty is always good thing.

    Bill Koehler
    Press Secretary,
    Libertarian Party of NM

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