Martinez’ Election Means its Time for NM’s Business Community to Step Up

I’ve written in this space on several occasions about New Mexico’s fractured and all-too-reliant on the government business community. Nonetheless, the Martinez Administration provides an opportunity and the budget situation provides a necessity for the business community to step up and make New Mexico government more effective and efficient.

The opinion paper in Sunday’s paper was a good start. But, with $452 million in savings needed, it is time to move beyond platitudes and generalities and into specifics. We at the Rio Grande Foundation outlined some tough budget cuts. These are by no means the only opportunities for savings, but I’d love to know what specific savings the business community has been looking at and work with them. After all, it’ll take the united efforts of the business community, the Martinez Administration, and fiscal conservatives throughout the state to close the budget gap and change New Mexico government for the better.

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2 Replies to “Martinez’ Election Means its Time for NM’s Business Community to Step Up”

  1. Interested to see what happens. I am not real optimistic that Martinez has much to offer the business community, although just getting out of the way would be an improvement.

  2. The savings that have been outlined by Paul Gessing are all great and doable. A couple of others which I don’t have actual amounts for are 1) The money given to local governments every year for projects that are poorly thought out or without the match required by those local governments and 2) The Constuction Industries Division should be totally restructured to remove it’s negative impact on the Construction Industry itself. Projects, especially large ones with engineers managing the construction, do not need unqualified inspectors running around making inane comments.

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