Martinez Puts Kibosh on EIB!

Great news for New Mexicans and the state economy: Governor Susana Martinez has halted the implementation of the state’s carbon cap that was passed through the Environmental Improvement Board.

This is a clear, early sign that Martinez is serious about turning New Mexico’s economy around. If environmentalists want to pass a carbon cap in New Mexico, I highly recommend they pursue it through the democratically-elected Legislature and Governor. We’ll fight them, but at least it is a fair fight when legislators have to stand for election once in a while (unlike the unelected EIB).

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6 Replies to “Martinez Puts Kibosh on EIB!”

  1. Good work on your part too, Paul, as I know you have stayed on top of this issue and have given testimony in past meetings. We’re off to a good start!!!

  2. As a relative newcomer to New Mexico, I am still wondering why an unelected board has the authority to impose rules that have such dramatic effect on the state’s economy with no apparent legislative oversight. You’d think approval would be required by either the legislature, the governor or both. Maybe it’s a throwback to Spanish colonial tradition.

  3. James, or maybe it is the same old Democratic, Liberal BS that has been going on far too long. Consevatism works every time it’s tried. Liberal crap does not work every time it’s tried. The future looks brite.

  4. The Governor’s halt to this bit of high handedness by a non elected body is a positive sign for all of us. The entire concept is nothing but a shell game anyway with no positives and the possibility of many negatives in the form of higher energy costs and the cascading effect of those.

  5. Oversight responsibility of EPA is a similar responsibility of the US Congress, and not in a way that resmbles the disastrous “oversight” of Fannie and Freddie by Frank, Dodd, and minions, who so irresponsibly created the opportunity and mechanism for our economic fall

  6. Unelected officials . . .they’ve become a subterranean scourge by virtue of their powers to enact regulations without the OK of anyone, private citizens or gov’t representatives. And, they get funded with tax payer monies to boot!!
    What a racket. What a nefarious racket!!

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