Math APS Style

Yesterday, the state Senate passed a bill that would force the split up of Albuquerque Public Schools into smaller districts. Remarkably, only two Senators opposed the bill, which would work by prohibiting school districts larger than 35,000 students. Currently, APS has more than 90,000 students in captivity, so simple division implies a partitioning into at least three independent districts.
Yet APS Superintendent Elizabeth Everitt, as quoted by the Albuquerque Journal and in her Call to Action posted on the APS website, has responded as if APS would be split in two along the river, posing a false dichotomy between “a wealthy district east of the Rio Grande” and a “less affluent district” across the river.
If the state Senate’s move is carried into law and Dr. Everitt ‘s fiefdom is reduced in size, at least some Albuquerque schools might be overseen by a superintendent capable of elementary school math.