Media reports on impending blackouts/brownouts next summer while studiously avoiding blaming MLG or Energy Transition Act

Virtually alone among public policy organizations (only the radical left wing New Energy Economy (for differing reasons) opposed it at the time the Rio Grande Foundation stood against the Energy Transition Act which passed the New Mexico Legislature in 2019.

We are now just FOUR DAYS from the (likely permanent) shuttering of San Juan Generating Station which means PNM loses 26 percent of base load (24/7) electricity and will lose another 5% when the utility exits its Palo Verde (nuclear plant) lease in 2023.

The media has regularly reported on PNM’s comments (here, here, and here) about not being able to keep the lights on next summer. The only question not being discussed or even mentioned in the articles is “why is this happening?” The 2019 Energy Transition Act championed by Gov. Lujan Grisham is directly responsible, but it goes unmentioned in the media coverage.

There are no easy solutions at this point, but New Mexico is going to find out what it’s like to not have enough power to keep the lights on.

P.N.M. San Juan Generating Station, May 2019.jpg