Michelle Rhee’s Unfortunate Departure from DC

If the Tea Party is the biggest single split among Republicans, the Democrats’ biggest split is between entrenched labor unions and education reformers. This issue is coming to a head in many ways, but one is the departure of Michelle Rhee from the DC Public Schools. Columnist Ruben Navarette had an insightful article on this topic in the Albuquerque Journal today. Rhee is heading off into the sunset because reformist Democrat Mayor Adrian Fenty was beaten by the labor machine candidate William Gray.

Another symbol of this split is, of course, the film “Waiting for Superman” which has now hit Albuquerque and is showing at the Rio 24 off Pan American. The film was directed by David Guggenheim, a self-described “liberal Democrat” and is highly-critical of the unions.

Michelle Rhee is on the market. Maybe we could hire her to turn around APS?