Michigan, the heart of big labor, moving on Right to Work

Amazing, Michigan, the land of the Big 3 automakers and double the unionization rate of New Mexico, is on the verge of passing Right to Work legislation. This law, if enacted, would prohibit “closed shops” and arrangements that make union membership a condition of employment.

According to media reports, the legislation has already passed the Michigan House of Representatives and looks good for final passage despite protests of organized labor.

Meanwhile, New Mexico’s newly-elected liberal Legislature will likely stand in opposition to a job creating right to work law. This situation is made all the more troubling given the fact that New Mexico is one of the two biggest job-losing states in the nation.

Nonetheless, we wish Michigan well. As other states become more competitive, their success will both provide an example for and put pressure on laggards like New Mexico.

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One Reply to “Michigan, the heart of big labor, moving on Right to Work”

  1. I believe Michigan is a “union shop” state; closed shops were banned by Taft-Hartley Act 65 years ago.
    No matter; New Mexico would be FAR better off with a right-to-work law

    I’ve been a democrat since 1969, but democrats have done very precious little for the people of New Mexico in the 70-plus years they have controlled the legislative arm
    Unfortunately, “democrat” has nothing to do with Jeffersonian liberalism, but has much to do with the highly destructive “Great Society”: abominable immigration changes resulting in today’s problems; urban renewal, the primary goal of which was to remove the poor from central cities by ripping them apart (took 40 years, but it has worked, partly, resulting in the urban highrise and suburban island ghettos); elimination of Bracero program through farmworkers’ union, using their shill, Mr. CC, resulting in near-complete loss of guest worker programs and leading to creation of colonias, etc.
    Now we have the “progressives”, collectivist by definition, and nature, but who believe they are future thinkers; 21 trillion in debt (remember to add in the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA problems, the gift of Rep Frank, Sen Dodd, and Mr. Johnson of Fannie Mae, and the assistance of the Clinton administration)

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