Millennial: Proposed bus system will turn Central into a “safe space”

Supporters of the new bus system are grasping for straws and making ridiculous arguments even though others claim the project is a “done deal.”

According to an opinion piece written by a UNM student in today’s Albuquerque Journal:

I believe the closer we can get to a no-car zone the more attractive this part of town and this city will be for the younger generation.

Central doesn’t need more cars, it needs to be urban. The ART will show Millennials that Central is safe, urban and easily accessible area for them to be, learn and grow into contributing members of Albuquerque’s working population.

What is UNM itself but a relatively large area free of cars? And, while college students undoubtedly enjoy the bars, restaurants, and other offerings along Central, those will certainly go away if cars on Central are eliminated. The increased traffic and general difficulty of getting from place to place along Central is the primary objection of business owners already. I’m at least glad to see someone clarify where this new bus system is taking us.

And, while we in Albuquerque know it as “Central,” people the world over know it as Route 66. Sad to see Albuquerque’s elected leaders deforming “the Mother Road” into a “safe space.”