MLG adopts CDC masking guidelines but children must continue to mask (including at school)

The COVID rules imposed by the Centers for Disease Control and State of New Mexico continue to evolve rapidly regardless of the science, but again there has been a major change to the rules. Now, according to the latest rules, masks have been dropped as a requirement for fully vaccinated people. This is for indoors as well as outdoors. Gov. Lujan Grisham has adhered to these new guidelines.

This is mostly good news, but there are a few problems:

  1. Children are STILL required to wear masks because most of them have not been vaccinated and the vaccines have not been approved for children. This is hugely problematic and will require pushback from parents and school officials, especially non-public schools;
  2. For no reason whatsoever the FAA (and other public transportation modes) are continuing to require masks;
  3. Many businesses, especially major corporations, will likely attempt to keep mask mandates in place.

US protesters including young children burn face masks at Idaho Capitol  rally against coronavirus measures - ABC News