MLG announces end of emergency

A few days ago New Mexico Gov. Lujan Grisham announced the end of the State’s COVID emergency on March 31, 2023. As a reminder, the emergency began on March 11, 2020, so we will be more than three years into the emergency by the time it is over.

Why end the emergency then? California ended theirs at the end of February and MLG LOVES to follow what California does. Also, the Biden Administration is ending its emergency which means federal dollars are drying up. There doesn’t seem to be any logical or scientific reason to end the emergency at the end of March although we welcome it.

Sadly, New Mexico’s Democrat-controlled Legislature continues to refuse to play its role in emergencies.  We don’t know what the next emergency will look like and we hope it is a long way off, but whoever the Gov. is at the time will have tremendous latitude (unless it is a Republican with a Democrat- Legislature).

The Federalist Papers #47: Separating Legislative, Executive and Judicial  Powers is a Good Principle, But Perfection in this Regard is  Impossible—James Madison — Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal