MLG: “Create largest statewide tutoring program per-capita in Country”

Recently the Gov. gave her first post-bill signing speech to the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce. In her talk she tacitly acknowledged that New Mexico’s existing government school system is failing to get the job done.

One interesting proposal by the Gov. involves a massive investment in tutoring. No specifics were offered, but it remains noteworthy that New Mexico’s existing school system spends north of $15,000 per-pupil already. A new tutoring program MAY move the needle on education outcomes (if done well), but it won’t be cheap. And, of course the State has JUST embarked on its new “universal” pre-K experiment which is ALSO very expensive.

Also, while unsurprising, the Gov. remains unwilling to admit that her own COVID response did great harm to New Mexico students. Sadly, the Gov. remains unwilling to “totally revamp the existing (education) system” but it appears that ALL of her education plans involve spending a lot more money.