MLG: federal support needed to deal with illegal immigration issues

There is no doubt that our nation is facing a border crisis that the Biden Administration seems unable or unwilling to address. Like all Americans we have seen and heard of issues facing Texas and California at the border. We’ve also seen issues in big cities like Chicago, Boston, New York, and some others.

While we know there are illegal crossings of the New Mexico border, in Albuquerque and Santa Fe we aren’t seeing large numbers of issues dealing with immigrants or the need to house them. It is also not being reported in the media. Are we wrong? Why is Gov. Lujan Grisham among a rather small group of governors looking for money from Washington for this? See the tweet and letter signed by the Gov. below.

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5 Replies to “MLG: federal support needed to deal with illegal immigration issues”

  1. Is it a new low when New Mexico cannot even attract illegal immigrants?

    What’s puzzling is that we really do not know what is happening along New Mexico’s southern border: whether illegals are crossing into New Mexico, how the border crisis is affecting NM ranchers, etc.

    1. We did have a rancher on and he described the issues a year or so ago. My suspicion is that it is fairly similar to before, but we might want to bring him back. I suspect once they cross the border they head out of state. I understand Denver is dealing with challenges.

  2. Agreed. The immigration crisis is a disgrace. Both parties are batting this back and forth like a ping pong ball and up until now have not come up with comprehensive immigration reform.

  3. The US Customs and Border Control (CBP), a component of the Department of Homeland Security, is , among other duties, is responsible for enforcing U.S. regulations governing immigration and border protection. The Fiscal Year 2023 President’s budget requested $15.5 billion for Border Patrol Operations and 50,00+ full time employees.
    As with many budget requests, state and federal, no accompanying plan for the requested funds is presented. The bottom line question: What does the governor intend to accomplish with additional funding from the US Government?
    Border protection is a responsibility of the US government. Governors should work with their Congressional Delegation to enforce existing immigration and border protection laws as opposed to instantiating actions that countermand Federal border patrol and immigration control operations.

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