MLG locks NM down…again

With cases spiraling out of control in New Mexico (despite a mask mandate and many businesses STILL closed since March) New Mexico Gov. Lujan Grisham has imposed a strict lock down (supposedly for just two weeks).

Despite the supposedly critical nature of this new crackdown it doesn’t start until Monday. Restaurants and recreational facilities are among the long list of businesses being shut down for the two week period although it is hard to believe the restrictions will actually be lifted by then.

Will the new restrictions positively impact the spread of COVID 19? With the spread having increased pretty consistently since early October the exponential spread is both far worse than ever and happening at a rate that would be hard to keep up.

Whether the latest lockdown is effective or not there is no doubt that another lockdown will be painful for New Mexico’s economy and businesses.



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  1. Fact Check: Abortion is not an essential business.

    I stand outside of Planned Parenthood building on San Mateo 2-3 times per week (UNM clinic and Southwest Women’s Options are additional abortion businesses as well). Tuesdays and Fridays are known to be the abortion days. Cars from out of state are often seen. 10+ cars at a time are typical during my time there. My purpose in going is to stand in the gap for the defenseless baby being brutally destroyed. I go there to pray and reach out to both PP personnel and pregnant women (and fathers) and do so with the love of Jesus Christ.

    Planned Parenthood is NOT, repeat, IS NOT, an essential business. Killing babies in the womb is not an essential business! It is a center for premeditated murder – yes that is a harsh but brutal reality. MLG and the state of NM has blood on their hands. God knows. God will not remain silent forever. The cries of every aborted baby is heard by Him.

    I ask everyone to PRAY and DO whatever you can that is right and just and fair to end this modern day Genocide.

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