MLG revises the rules on COVID again…says NM will reopen by June 30

Gov. Lujan Grisham has AGAIN altered her deeply-flawed COVID reopening plans. The good news is that she has  “liberalized” the county rules so most counties will be in green or turquoise by this Friday. Also, masks will no longer be required outdoors which is a good thing.

Finally, the state will lift most restrictions, including capacity restrictions, when it hits 60 percent of those age 16 or older who are vaccinated, which the state projects will happen by the end of June.

NM is maintaining it’s requirement for masks during youth sports specifically because children are not eligible to be vaccinated. That’s an abomination.

This is mostly good news, but the fact that we’ve seen yet another massive change to the playing field is a pretty strong indicator that science is not driving the process. Of course we knew that already, but it is important to know and remind people that the new rules are just as arbitrary as the old ones, even if the new ones are a bit better.

For better or worse the virus itself is no longer the issue. The Gov. is pushing vaccination.