MLG’s incredible Ronald Reagan Day proclamation

Sometimes people surprise you. This is one such case. Recently, the Rio Grande Foundation was asked by our friends at Americans for Tax Reform to obtain a proclamation celebrating Ronald Reagan Day (Feb. 6, 2024) which would have been Reagan’s 113th birthday. We weren’t sure what we’d get from Gov. Lujan Grisham’s office, but were positively shocked to receive the proclamation below.

Not only is the proclamation well-done, but it specifically calls out Reagan’s political and economic success thanks to his conservative principles. It stands in stark contrast to the policies emanating from Washington and Santa Fe (to name just two).

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6 Replies to “MLG’s incredible Ronald Reagan Day proclamation”

  1. Reagan typifies a pragmatic approach to problems as he adopted policies that didn’t follow dogmatic principles but were based on what seemed best for given situations. Here are some examples from Wikipedia of his divergence from “conservatism”:
    “During his governorship, he raised taxes, turned the state budget deficit into a surplus, and cracked down harshly on university protests.” Hardly what you’d expect from a conservative who should reduce taxes and espouse freedom of speech. He also presided over the tripling of the national debt during his tenure, wrongly concluding that lowering tax rates would actually increase tax revenues accruing from more income, retail spending and profits. History has treated him very well, despite his hard-line conservative stances. MLG probably wants to jump on this bandwagon even though she would probably not extol his firing of 10,000 air traffic controllers over a wage dispute. I think his strength and popularity rightfully were due to his sense of humor which turned the doom and gloom of most politics into heartwarming rhetoric. My favorite is when debating Walter Mondale and the candidates’ age difference had become a Democratic campaign strategy. Reagan said he refused to make this an issue by holding the “youth and inexperience” of his opponent against him.

    1. Thank you Chris! Yes, Reagan was willing to do things that I might not agree with but that and his positive outlook helped make him a great American president!

    1. The progressives aren’t going to eliminate a tax especially when they perceive that it is going to benefit the wealthy. I think we are stuck with what we have until we get a much better and more conservative legislature and/or Gov. There WAS an effort to at least index the current taxes to inflation, but that was vetoed by the Gov. I don’t think anyone has put that idea forth this session.

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